2014 Warrior Family Beach Week

The Second Annual Operation SEAs the Day Warrior Family Beach Week took place in Bethany Beach, Delaware during the week of September 2-7, 2014.

2014 Photo Gallery

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2014 Platinum Sponsors


Gold Sponsors

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Silver Sponsors

Sponsor from 2014 will be reposted soon.

In Memory of… Scott Maxwell

The following people have donated in memory of Scott Maxwell, who passed away on May 16, 2014. Scott is survived by his loving parents, Bob and Linda Maxwell of Bethany Beach, DE, who requested donations be made to Operation SEAs the Day to honor Scott’s life:

  • Joanne Albanese
  • Stephen R. Alexander
  • Donald and Mary Ashley
  • Bethany Plumbing and Heating Company
  • George and Donna Bunting
  • W. Edward and Bonnie Burton
  • Canal Development Committee
  • Jonathan and Betsy Collins
  • Robert G. Czako, M.D.
  • Norman and Benita Davidson
  • Jeanette Douthwaite
  • William Feher
  • William Fulton
  • Barry Grim
  • William Ellis Hand Jr.
  • Dr Margaret Hodges
  • Joanne Howe
  • Lord Baltimore Lioness Club
  • Stanton Lipson
  • Martha Lowe
  • Carl and Susan Mantegna (CDR USNR RET)
  • Elka McArdle
  • Anthony McClenny
  • Felicia G. McMillen
  • Michael Morley
  • Law Offices of D. Stephen Parsons, P.A.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert Poli
  • Pamela Pridgeon
  • James and Patricia Reichert
  • Ronald and Susan Smith
  • Mary and Rick Snyder
  • Gloria Ellen Merz Steele
  • Jerrad Steele
  • T.K.A. INC.
  • Joan Thomas
  • Sheppard and Linda Thompson
  • Celeste Valliant Trust
  • Kenneth and Cynthia Vincent
  • Beverly M. Wilhide
  • Tim and Elen Yeager
  • Charles A. Young


OSTD would like to thank all those who have donated in support of this cause.

Special Thanks

  • A Hero’s Welcome, Rosely Robinson
  • Always in Bloom Produce
  • American Legion Synepuxent Post #166
  • Ann Baker and Sarah Schifano
  • Gary Bauer
  • Town of Bethany Beach
  • Bethany Beach Landowners Association
  • Jennifer Carter
  • Cripple Creek Golf and Country Club
  • Dagsboro American Legion
  • Dover Speedway
  • Patty Eggers
  • George Evancho, OSTD Photographer
  • Fenwick Island Lions Club
  • Friends of the Fallen
  • Bill & Diane Gay
  • The House of David Foundation
  • Tricia Krim
  • Lord Baltimore Lioness Club
  • Hogan Lovells
  • Family and Friends of Scott Maxwell
  • Millville by the Sea
  • Millville Volunteer Fire Department
  • Mike McGowan, OSTD Photographer
  • Doug Mowrey
  • Dr. Wallace J. Nichols (author of recently released book Blue Mind)
  • Ocean View Church of Christ
  • Blake Pohanka
  • Quilts of Valor Foundation
  • Ranger Up
  • Ray Shephard
  • St. Marthas Episcopal Church
  • The Allison Stine Team
  • South Coastal Library
  • Squid Hawkins Band
  • Claudia Thayne
  • Wounded Warrior Project®